Fitted Sheet Duvet cover Pillow cases
Twin Item Name: Twin Fitted Sheet
Item Number: 39 x 76x 8
Price: $199

Item Name: Twin Duvet Cover
Item Number: 54 x 80
Price: $435

Item Name: One Pillow Case
Item Number: 20 x 30
Price: $60

Full Item Name: full Fitted Sheet
Item Number: 54 x 76 x 8
Price: $260


Item Name: Full Duvet Cover
Item Number: 80 x 80
Price: $555

Item Name: Pair Pillow Case
Item Number: 2 x 20 x 30
Price: $120

Queen Item Name: Queen Fitted Sheet
Item Number: 60 x 80 x 8
Price: $315

Item Name: Queen Duvet Cover
Item Number: 90 x 88
Price: $712

Item Name: Pair Pillow Case
Item Number: 2 x 20 x 30
Price: $120

King Item Name: King Fitted Sheet
Item Number: 78 x 80 x 8
Price: $385

Item Name: King Duvet Cover
Item Number: 104 x 88
Price: $880

Item Name: Pair Pillow Case
Item Number: 2 x 20 x 30
Price: $120


Economic Queen

This bedding set is compose by Fitted Sheet, Duvet cover only one side leather & 2 pillow cases


Item Name: Economic Queen
Item Number: 60 x 80 x 8 eco
Price: $798


If no one of the size fits your mattress please contact us so we can make a quote for your measures

Mc Gregor Leather The Greatest  Quality

These sheets are made from 100% first selection leather
Real leather, soft, cousy  and sexy and with that special leather smell..
Mc Gregor buy the  hides from Argentina, where they really  know about leather. Mc Gregor made the leather sheets using for the upper part pieces of 16'' by 16''/20''.
We stitch with a strong flat seam, that make this sheets very comfortable to sleep. They are lined with black polyester fabric

Fitted Leather Sheets
These are tailored as a normal fitted sheet  so it will fit perfect to your mattress. ( are not lined)

Duvet cover

The upper and back  part are leather , it has a flap with Velcro to introduce the duvet

For tailor these we need the measure of the interior of the duvet so there will be no mistakes

Leather Pillow Cases
These are made in the traditional style with a zip to completely enclose the pillow. We use the standard size to make this pillows ( 20'' x 30'')

Economic Queen

In this case the duvet cover is more a bed spread, upper part is leather and the back is fabric ( polyester) you can't put inside the duvet

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